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The effects of teenage pregnancy on teenage mother

Show simple item record Phoobane, Jabolina 2022-11-10T13:16:48Z 2022-11-10T13:16:48Z 2022-06-07
dc.description.abstract The study explores the effects of teenage pregnancy on teenage mothers at Ha Ratsiu and Lithabaneng in Berea. The study is deemed significant in that it may raise awareness on the psychosocial effects of teenage pregnancy on teenage mothers, thus, assisting the government and relevant stakeholders to recognise the need to enact policies to reduce effects of teenage pregnancy in Lesotho. The study examines the psychological effects, and discover social effects as well as interventions to reduce the psychosocial effects of teenage pregnancy. Qualitative research and phenomenology design was undertaken to assist the researcher to gather natural data, understand and interpret meanings. The study established that teenage mothers face financial difficulties, rejections from partners, as such, lack of family support led them to having feelings of depression, poor self-image, stress and suicidal thoughts. The findings also revealed that teenage mothers drop out of school due to parents not being able to pay for their fees while providing for their babies’ needs too; and others are expelled from school due to pregnancy. Apart from that, teenage pregnancy and motherhood result in deteriorating relationships with both parents and friends. The study shows that there are various measures to reduce the psychosocial effects of teenage pregnancy on teenage mothers in Ha Ratsiu and Lithabaneng, Berea, Lesotho. Such measures include, amongst others, financial support from the government in the form of scholarships and grants as well as teenage mothers support groups. The study concludes that teenage pregnancy has psychological and negative social effects on teenage mothers such as depression and dropping out of school; and lack of social support makes normal functioning increasingly difficult for teenage mothers as they face new roles and responsibilities. The recommendations include the formulation of abortion policies to provide pregnant teenagers with safe termination of pregnancy and reduction of abortion-related deaths. In addition, forming teenage mothers support groups within communities for teenage mothers to draw strength and support from members who share similar experiences and challenges in Lesotho en
dc.description.sponsorship National Manpower Development Secretariat en
dc.language.iso en en
dc.publisher National University of Lesotho en
dc.subject Teenage pregnancy, teenage mothers, teenager, pregnancy, psychological distress, social effects en
dc.title The effects of teenage pregnancy on teenage mother en
dc.title.alternative A case study of Ha Ratsiu and Lithabaneng in Bere, Lesotho en
dc.type Thesis en

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