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  • Department of Nursing (National University of Lesotho, 2009-07)
  • Faculty of Health Sciences (National University of Lesotho, 2010-07)
  • Faculty of Health Sciences (National University of Lesotho, 2010-07)
  • Faculty of Agriculture (National University of Lesotho, 2009-07)
  • Faculty of Health Sciences (National University of Lesotho, 2010-07)
  • Polaki, M. V. (Lesotho Social Sciences Reviews, 2003)
    The ability to recognize and understand variability plays a key role in enabling people tomake valid probabilistic and statistical decisions. We leave in an information-driven societywhere important decisions are often ...
  • Unknown (2006-06-19)
    The exact time when a beam of sunlight will shine onto the sarcophagus, the highlight of the Voortrekker Monument Celebrations, will be true noon, 1¾ minutes after noon, South African time.
  • Obuseng, V. C.; Moshoeshoe-Chadzingwa, M.; Nareetsile, F. (European Scientific Journal, 2013)
    Microbiological indicators such as Escherichia coli (E. coli) have been extensively applied to monitor sewage contamination in waters and sediments. However, it has been accomplished by many researchers that microorganism ...
  • Phafoli, Lehlohonolo (National University of Lesotho, 2016)
    The research on the Biographies of the Sesotho authors and music artists is lone venture of the National University of Lesotho through one member from the Department of African Languages and Literature. The National ...
  • Faculty of Agriculture (National University of Lesotho, 2014-12)
  • Faculty of Agriculture (National University of Lesotho, 2014-05)
  • Nteso, Leeto (University of the Free State, 2004-10)
    My first gratitude and praise to Almighty God, the Life-giver, who let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds (Genesis 1:11) and has ...
  • Untitled 
    (, )
  • Jansen, Jonathan D. (Pretoria News, 2000-03-28)
    Professor Jonathan Jansen, education policy analyst, predicts a new form of hierarchy in the higher education system emanating from the reshaping and resizing of institutions suggested by Education Minister Professor Kader Asmal.
  • Unknown (Kerkbode, 1937-05-12)
    'n Groepfoto van die boukommissie vir die nuwe kerkgebou vir die gemeente Kroonstad-Noord
  • Moerdijk, Gerard (Burger, 1936-10-24)
    Van die skone kunste is argitektuur die een in ons land wat nog die minste bygedra het tot die bevordering en ontwikkeling van 'n eie aparte Suid-Afrikaanse kultuur.
  • O'Dell, D.; Sauer, T. J.; Hicks, B. B.; Lambert, D. M.; Smith, D. R.; Bruns, W.; Marake, M. V.; Walker, F. W.; Wilcox Jr., M. D.; Eash, N. S.; Basson, A. (Open Journal of Soil Science, 2014)
    Global food demand requires that soils be used intensively for agriculture, but how these soils are managed greatly impacts soil fluxes of carbon dioxide (CO2). Soil management practices can cause carbon to be either ...
  • Unknown (2006-05-11)
    Photo of "boxing day" of vaccines at the Onderstepoort Veterinary Research Institute, 1924. Vaccines distributed were bluetongue vaccine (40000 doses), wireworm remedy (27000 doses), anthrax vaccine (27000 doses) and ...
  • Unknown author (Lesotho Social Sciences Reviews, 2001)
    In the wake of scandalous businesses’ collapses due to unreliable financial reporting,corporate managers and other stakeholders today have developed a cautious approach inanalysing the financial ...
  • Unknown (1939-04-21)
    Gerard Moerdijk word deur die prinsipaal van die Afrikaanse Medium Skool Pretoria-Noord bedank vir sy ontwerp en uitvoering van 'n simboliese klipstapel.

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